Monday, January 13, 2014

Widows With Blogs

Check out the blogs listed at
I've just had a sweet time going through my blog list. I stand amazed at the hope and growth expressed on this journey through grief. For email readers, my blog list is on the rightside column of the blog. It doesn't show up in emails so I hope you'll visit the blog for easy access to it.

Why not visit these blogs today too? God is alive and at work here on the blogosphere! There are some good resources and beautiful people to meet.

I need to do a little housekeeping though. I'll be going through my blog list and removing blogs that haven't been updated in the past two months so that my readers will find current and active bloggers. I'm kind of sad to do this--I'll miss some great people, but I'm happy for those who have found other interests.

Should your blog be among the Christian widow blogs and website ministries for widows on my bloglist? Please send me the link and I'll be glad to add you. Or, if you've wondered about starting your own blog, contact me with your questions and maybe I can help.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! ferree

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