Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two Widows, Two Blogs, One God Over All

On Monday after I wrote about widows and blogging, I found a perfect example of how God uses the Internet and blogs, Facebook, etc., to bring people together.

Sheila and Leah

Here's Sheila who writes Blessings4TheJourney from the northern border of Wisconsin, meeting Leah who writes Out of Deep Waters from her home in North Carolina!

Where did they meet? Why in Atlanta, Georgia, of course! It was like God arranged for the two of them to be in the same city on the same weekend and both of them free to meet at the same time on December 28, 2013.

But they first met by blogging after each lost her husband in 2011. Here's what Sheila says,
One of those precious widows and I connected with each other pretty quickly. She had been on the journey for 6 months longer than I had, so my emotions weren’t strange to her – and since her journey was so new, my feelings and emotions were still vivid to her. In her I found someone who did understand! She had been there! She felt the unbelief, the anger, the frustration, the loss . . . all of it, she UNDERSTOOD! She had a daughter who was close to Taya’s age, her husband died suddenly and unexpectedly. She “got it”! “All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”. God ordained Leah coming into my life just when she did, just when I needed her the most!
You can read the rest of Sheila and Leah's fun and amazing friendship at both of their blogs, and for the rest of Sheila's story about their Atlanta trip, just click here.

God has us here for each other! Widows need other widows for friendship and understanding support. Connect with and find new friends here on the WCP and also through my list of bloggers which you'll see to the right of this page (email readers visit the blog for this), and also through the Lifeboat and other groups I have on Facebook. You don't have to be alone all the time. Start reaching out today and keep a lookout for the new friends God sends your way.   


  1. How wonderful that they were able to meet face to face.

    I am so glad to have found a local, Christian widow's group. They are a blessing in my life.


  2. I agree, FlowerLady. Miriam Neff of Widow Connection often says widows can be the best to minister to other widows. It's so true. We get it, we understand and we help each other. love to you...


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