Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fun: No Business Like "Snow" Business - Simon's Cat

You've probably had enough snow and cold for the week, but I can't resist kitty cats and a some comic relief. This is just too cute---I love the ending!


  1. That was too funny! I just couldn't stop laughing. I needed that. It is something I really miss sharing with my dear husband, laughter. It is so quiet around home it is almost unbearable.

    Thanks for this ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hi Lorraine, Sometimes the quiet around here gets that way too because I'm an empty nester and Tom works such long hours. I think I'm 'philosophically opposed' to having the tv on all day, but it helps for a whle. I also find I need to get outside more. Your gardening would be good for me :). But most of all---laughter! I'm glad this gave you a giggle. I could picture this happening to my own cats, it made me laugh too. Have a sweet weekend!

  3. Love these videos! :D A little secret . . . several years ago we had some good snow here. We had 3 indoor cats, yes three, so we decided to have a race to see which one would run or hop the fastest from the back fence to the back door. It was hilarious (no cats were hurt in our experiment) ! I believe they all came within seconds of each other. It gave us a good laugh and they got some good exercise! ~Beth ~

  4. I would have loved to have seen that Beth! And you're lucky no humans were hurt afterwards! :)


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