Saturday, January 25, 2014

Facing A Day of Disaster

Jeremiah was a prophet in the Old Testament who warned the nation of Judah over and over about God's judgment. On one hand his heart would break with the bad news of the consequences of sin, and on the other hand he would respond to God's judgment with obedience and faith. The verse pictured here is in response to God's message of "A Day of Disaster" (Jeremiah 16).

When we face our personal Day of Disaster, let's call out to God in the midst of it, and don't give up. Praise him, for even in the worst of circumstances God's people will one day be healed; we will one day be saved. Rest in his promises in the midst of your pain this weekend my friends.  ferree



  1. I wanted you to know that I stopped in to read this post several times today. I am stopping in again to read it before I call it a night.

    Thank you for posting kept calling me back here today. I guess I really needed to read this. ♥

  2. Hey Swans, God tenderly calls each of us over and over again. He never gives up on us. I found this verse calling to me too...


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