Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Roll Round Up - January

This year I'm going to try to feature some of the blogs on my blog roll every last Thursday of the month. (see lower right column of this blog) For those of you who subscribe by email, you might have to go to the blog itself for the links. I'll be asking you to visit the link I provide because it's such an encouragement to us bloggers to get new visitors! Makes us want to put out tea and cookies.

Today I'll urge you to visit Journeying. When I first discovered this blog three years ago, Gillian and her children were just realizing the extensive and shocking injuries and losses they'd suffered in a horrendous car accident on December 28th. Today they are still recovering. She mentions that the children still discover glass working its way out of their bodies. And yet, they still discover God. His love. His magnitude. You simply must read and follow this blog for yourself. My words cannot do justice to God's work and Gillian's writing, and I know you'll benefit from her walk and wisdom, and she'll be blessed by your prayers.   ferree


  1. Thank you for this post and the link to Gillian's blog. I was touched by her faith in God through such tragedy and not only the loss of her husband, but the other losses she and her children have suffered.


  2. It touched my heart too, Flower Lady. I'm so glad you visited Gillian's blog. I hope people will visit your's too. We're all in this together and God has put us here for each other so we don't have to go it alone. Have a lovely day. The sun is shining on the snow here in SC. Sunshine, snow and blue sky=beautiful day :)

    1. Thank you for this link. As I read Gillian's entries, I identified with her description of the wreck and her feelings afterward. I, too, found shards of glass for months. Our accident was the week before theirs. Thank you, Ferree, for continuing to offer us your wisdom and encouragement

  3. Oh my, Susan, the Lord really knows how to bring people together. May He bless you with His peace this weekend.


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