Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rise (Slideshow with Lyrics)

Here's a song with a catchy tune that's been going through my head as often, if not more, than it plays on Christian radio. The words are encouraging too, and I can relate to the trouble and the ashes! But here's an even greater picture I think of when I hear this song:

One of my new experiences here in South Carolina has been a tour of a slave cemetery. They're very unusual, and I felt it was quite a privilege to see. The guide kept the group in a close cluster so we wouldn't misstep or disturb anything. She explained the layout of the graves scattered through the forest and marked, if marked at all, with only a rock, seashell, or random belonging of the person.

We would have never recognized it as a cemetary if she hadn't pointed to this slate shingle or that seashell, unusual rock, lone brick or pottery shard. But there was one thing in common that experts discovered about the graves: all the bodies were laid face up, with feet to the east. The guide went on to explain that this was not only to point them to beloved Africa, but also to prepare them for the resurrection---the day they would "rise" to meet Jesus when He returns---they wanted to see Him first of all.

Now when I hear this song, I can't help but wonder--- which way my feet are pointing today? Am I living my life "face up?" Am I ready to rise and see Him above and beyond all my problems?

Yes, oh yes! I look forward to that day!
I Thessalonians 4:16,17 Our hope is in Him!


  1. Ferree,

    Thank you for sharing this song. It's just beautiful. I can't help but wonder too which way my feet are pointing and if I am living my life "face up". I know I have a lot of growing to do. I am grateful for a patient God who allows good and bad experiences for us to grow in Him.

    Thank you also for sharing your experience of your tour through the slave cemetery. I felt like I was there myself as I read.


  2. Thank you Ferree for this. As a small child I always remember hearing my family say, always face your bed towards the east. At the time I thought it was superstitious. Later in life I learned that when Christ returns it will be from the east.
    So after reading this today I went upstairs to see which way my bed was facing and sure enough, it was towards the east. But I believe he is more concerned with my life than my bed.

    This also reminded me of when Thomas and I first married there was an old cemetery not to far from his house he wanted me to see. I'm not sure if it was a slave cemetery or not but I remember it had few if any headstones in it. But one grave marker I remember in particular was of an 100 year old elderly black lady named Liza (no last name) which said "Born A Slave, Died Free".
    I have never forgotten that tombstone epitath. And have thought many times - aren't we all born slaves in one way or another and how God's glorious grace comes in and emancipates us and sets us free.


  3. I love this Shawn McDonald song. I've seen him in concert and is lyrics are very deep and meaningful. Thanks for sharing.


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