Monday, November 25, 2013

Opening Our Arms (chapter 23)

Ruth 4:14-17

Naomi held a newborn baby in her arms, and she learned something as he looked into her eyes: Good things can still happen. Her girlfriends assured her that her little grandson would renew her life and care for her as she aged. Naomi accepted the baby, drew him to herself, and became his primary caretaker. 

Ruth, Naomi and the Child Obed.
1860, Simeon Solomon.
Wood engraving on
India paper from Dalziels' Bible Gallery
God has the uncanny ability to distill goodness out of the worst disasters when we are willing to open our arms and hearts to receive them as Naomi did. He’s comfortable with paradigms: with grandmothers serving as mothers, with widows finding new love, with faith as an action rather than a feeling. He’s the Man of Sorrows, yet he is always rejoicing...
When we get stuck in grief over the past, we devalue the present. We easily overlook and miss the touches of new purpose God sends our way. There are co-workers, friends, and family at hand, and God has put them around us for a royal reason. Could it be that, like Naomi, we are left to raise royalty, the people of his glorious kingdom?


When Naomi drew Obed into her arms, she accepted the grace of God and saw to it that her life would not be wasted on the mediocrity of pining over the past and wishing for what might have been. Mediocrity could have never raised a royal future.

What sort of future do you envision for yourself and the people God has entrusted you with? Have you embraced the people God has sent your way? How will you bless those people and enable them to righteously rule the world


Dear Lord,
I lift my arms to receive your grace. Open my eyes to gaze upon my future. Help me fulfill the purpose and legacy that you have left me here to accomplish. Good things still happen, Lord, and I thank you that I am part of your plan.

(excerpts from Postcards From The Widows' Path, pages 212, 215, 216, 218)

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