Thursday, October 31, 2013

Choosing Light or Lies (chapter 6)


Read Ruth 1:10-13

Naomi was tossed about, up and down, full of loving, wise prayer one minute and bitterness and sarcasm the next. Immediately after she prayed for kindness and rest for Ruth and Orpah, (see yesterday's post) she began to argue. Isn’t that so true in life? Just when we’re at our best, our very next words threaten to undo all the good.

Doubts, confusion, and lies from the enemy of our soul can make widowhood and other forms of suffering a real spiritual battle. Here are a few misconceptions which are easy to believe in the midst of affliction:
  • God is punishing me. It must be my fault my husband died.
  • God loved my husband more than me.
  • Everything I touch goes wrong.
  • God has left me.
  • God doesn’t listen to my prayers.
  • God is always too busy with other people when I need him.

    (chapter 6 of Postcards, and Ruth 1:10-13)

    Which of the misconceptions above do you think is the most common for people today? Which is the one which is most common for you? If you don't understand why it's not true, please contact your pastor or counsellor to talk about it, email me at, or join a Lifeboat support group to raise the question.


    Dear Lord,
    I am human, just like Naomi. Please forgive me for my wrong thoughts. Continue to direct me, even though it’s hard. Strengthen me with your truth. I am grateful for the truth of your Word, your forgiveness, and your love.

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    1. Thank you for the prayers at the end of each post. I have a small notebook that I write prayers in. It helps when praying in the evening to have some of these to read.


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