Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Budgets & Debts Of All Sizes

We might feel helpless about controlling government spending and political rhetoric about the debt ceiling and healthcare. But we don't need to wring our hands over our own money matters because there are some good tools and ministries out there to help us get a handle on wisely using our finances. Crown Financial Ministries help millions of people every year and have done so since the late Larry Burkett founded it in 1976.

Visit their website here, and peruse the many products and resources under the Find Help tab. Here a few of the great things you can use from Crown:
  • Free articles. Use the search box for specific topics of interest.
  • Free on-line calculators: credit cards pay-offs, mortgages, debts, loans, wages, rent vs. buy, etc.
  • Money Life Mentoring puts you in touch with a mentor ($49.95) or a self guided course ($19.95). View their video to see if it might provide the help you're looking for.
Please visit this site and let me know if you find it helpful. Also let me know if there are other Christian financial helps you like. I hope to spotlight any others next week. You're comments will help others!

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