Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fun: If It Fits!

These little pets will warm your heart today. Wasn't God a genius to create such adorable and loveable animals for us?

I hope you enjoy this light-hearted video. Maybe you'll see a pet like yours! Remember, if you get this in your email inbox you might have to click on today's title to get to the video.

I'm kind of worried about the cats oozing into the vases though, and the gray cat at the very end---
the one sitting on top of the box his buddy crawled into?---He looks just like my cat 'Fud' in his
slimmer years! Acts like him too!

Share your cute pet stories or pictures by emailing them to me at I'll start
collecting them to post later on and it's always fun to see our pets and their antics---or their owner's antics! Have a sweet day!


  1. It's another Friday morning and I am drinking my tall glass of orange juice as I wait for the Friday fun post to show up! :)

    I love this one! Thanks for posting!

    I have like over 3000 pet pictures from over the years..I'll try to narrow them down before I send them to you. :D

  2. ha! Can't wait to see your pictures! Narrow them down to a 1000 or so, ok? :)

  3. This had me laughing/chuckling right out loud. Thank you for this, I needed it at this time.


  4. I know--I felt the same way Flower Lady! It's so cute! I hope it helped better your day. A merry heart is like good medicine.

  5. this is so good -I enjoyed this Ferree -
    Nothing makes me smile anymore than
    fuzzy friends. I have two cats (Max and Lizzy)
    and one golden spaniel (Sandy) when I'm having
    a down day - in one way or another they always bring a smile to my face and a warm-ness in my heart.
    I've always thought that animals had pure spirits -
    (except for jealousy) they do get jealous over each other especially at supper time.


  6. Hi Dodi, Your comment reminds me that our pets can be evidence of God's genius, love and delightful sense of humor. But it's true---they do get jealous! They each have their own personality. Ours have brought us many times of comic relief---they help de-pressurize so much stress. Nice to hear from you!


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