Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Really Counts for A Widow?

Margaret Nyman, author of Getting Through This blog writes about her friend's 91-year-old mother who was married for 39 years and a widow for 33. Widowed in her 50's, which would put her in the average age for widows, I know many readers will want to find out how this woman accomplished far more than any career or money could gain. Click here for the rest of this story...Character Counts.

And while you're on Margaret's blog, take a look at her new book of devotions for widows, Hope for an Aching Heart-Uplifting Devotions for Widows. I haven't seen it yet, but a Lifeboater mentioned that it's been very good for her. And doesn't the title say it all? Sometimes we gasp for hope like we're gasping for air.

I've been following Margaret's blog for three years and I can say her writing is always spiritually rich and worthwhile. I'm sure her book will be wonderful too.  

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