Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getaways Are Great Events for Widows: Fashion Meets Faith Beauty Boot Camp

WCP reader Carol and I met for the first time last Friday
at the Fashion Meets Faith Beauty Boot Camp in Sevierville, TN
I can't begin to tell you what a great time we had, and
how we felt like instant friends and sisters!
This is our BEFORE picture.
(sorry about the lighting)
Online ministries and websites come and go, but I've watched Shari Brandel's Fashion Meets Faith for three years now and what this ministry does is grow and grow! I decided to check it out for myself last weekend to see if it'd be a good thing for widows. Carol, widowed since May of 2012, found out about it when I announced it on this blog in May. And a widow for five years--Wanda--- came on her own, and I was delighted to break out at Baskin Robbins with her for icecream. Both Carol and Wanda told me the same thing: Beauty Boot Camp is a great ministry for widows too!
  • It's refreshing to get away for a weekend of girl talk
  • An afternoon of shopping with professional stylists and expert bargain hunters??--what a deal!
  • Laughter! And more laughter! It's good for the soul!
  • Discover there's God-given beauty within each of us just waiting to show up on the outside!
  • Learn to dress in a way that brings out your own special beauty and honors your Creator God
  • Experience meaningful fellowship with women who will touch your heart and feed your soul
  • And without that husband around anymore to say, "Honey, you look beautiful..." when we look in the mirror we need to know that God intimately loves us and delights in us
  • You'll be transformed inside and out!

And here's AFTER stylist extraordinaire Sherry Long
worked her magic!
Please check out Shari's website for her other offerings:
  • click the Speakers Schedule tab to find an event you can attend 
  • sign up for her on-line classes starting in September
  • buy the book Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad if you want all the information right now and at your fingertips in the least expensive way
  • start saving up for the next Beauty Boot Camp
  • or even consider a new career as you train with Shari to become an image consultant!
If you are in the Knoxville, TN area, get to know Donna Roland, for an unforgettable Girlfriend Getaway, styling, personal shopper experience, closet organization and more! In Charleston, SC, Sherry Long can become your personal fashion coach and give you a fantastic new hairstyle! Contact me at for her DesignHer contact info.

So, in closing, what do you think? Can you see how a beauty boot camp could benefit a widow who's ready to step into the next chapter of God's story for her? I'd love to hear your comments today.


  1. You do not have to post this, but I thought you both looked really lovely before. I especially liked Carol's silver locks.

    I am partial to longer hair and natural hair color also, but that's just me. My silver hair is to my waist. :-)

    I loved your colorful tops too in the before photo.

    Before/after you are lovely ladies inside and out. I'm glad you had a great weekend.


  2. The new hairdo is very becoming. Sounds like it was a great experience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I don't know how to whistle on comments so
    I'll just say "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" "WOW"

  4. Thank you Lorraine and everyone, Carol's hair is stunning both before and after, it's just beautiful--especially in person. And FlowerLady, I'll bet your long hair is gorgeous. (yes, I'm a little envious!) I always wanted long hair but mine grows so slowly. sigh. I appreciate your sweet comments!

  5. I am so glad that you, Carol, and Wanda had a wonderful weekend of Faith, Fashion, and Fun! You both look great in the pictures!! I love the new looks!

    There is something that I REALLY like about both the pictures and that is that you both are smiling!

    Thank you for sharing your weekend with us and for the information about this ministry.

    I have to admit, I'm a little jealous that you went to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream. :)

  6. mmm, ice cream... Chocolate ice cream, Swans dear. ;)

  7. Love the new look, Ferree!

  8. Ferree,where do I get info about the schedule for this get away?
    Thanks, mar

  9. Hi Mar, I don't think another boot camp is scheduled yet, so either watch for it on the website, sign up for the newsletter (which is how I found out), or follow Fashion Meets Faith on Facebook.

  10. Well, I'm not a women's retreat kind of gal, but I love makeovers. Both of you look fantastic! I have *silver* hair as well, and I have vowed never to color it until it loses its silver and just turns a mouse-y gray. But, my stylist said she doesn't think it will. Anyhoo, whenever I want to treat myself, I go to Sephora sans makeup and let them do their thing on my face. They cleanse it, apply wonderful moisturizing cream, and then put on the makeup. Since I buy my face (ha) at Sephora anyway (Bare Minerals has been on my face for years), I usually leave with a purchase, for their time. :)

  11. Hi Kelly, From what I gathered, no one would tell you to cover up that silver. That was the really great thing---accepting the beauty God has given us---natural beauty trumps trends. And the leader actually did suggest going to beauty counters exactly like you do. Great minds think alike! Check out the Fashion Meets Faith facebook page if you're interested, this was a really fun retreat. :)

    1. I'll check out the site! Now that I'm in "the big city", I can hit different counters and probably wouldn't see the same sales person twice! But, as I said, I usually go when I need something because then the clerk gets a sale. :)

  12. Love this. You ladies look gorgeous!


  13. Tricia, if you and Shari Brandel are ever in the same room together it'll be WATCH OUT world! Oh! The fun! If you haven't already, take a look at her book, Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad!


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