Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red & The Pledge & July 4th Memories

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Do you  remember the comedian Red Skelton from the 1960's? Or maybe the re-runs?
Or how about when our flag only had 48 stars on it?

If so, I hope you'll enjoy this little walk down memory lane; and for all of us, a patriotic tribute for today.

Why not leave a comment today about your favorite 4th of July memory?

Mine has to be of the very first fireworks show--my parents putting a blanket out on a lawn in a small town park, the oohs and ahhs at "the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air . . ." and best of all staying up late as a little kid!

To those for whom this day is especially painful---I know. It was for me too. I hold you in my heart.


  1. 4th of July - Favorite memory - WOW there are so many. Here are a couple. This was without a doubt my husband George's favorite holiday. Because of the US Navy we spent Independence Day in a variety of places. In Hawaii we went to a celebration at Schofield Barracks, picnic supper on the parade grounds, 1812 Overture played by a great Army Band, with the addition of live cannon (think "the cereal shot from guns") and fireworks galore. After George retired from the Navy we settled in the Pacific Northwest. Due to the usually damp conditions and sparse population, private fireworks were allowed for many years. George passed a large fireworks stand everyday on his way to and from work. It went up about a week before the holiday. He would stop and talk to them, they'd show off their favorites and by the time the 4th arrived we had a LOT of fireworks. George and our kids would carefully plan out "the show", the barbeque was going most of the day and anyone that wanted to join us was welcome. So much fun, we were usually up way to late, but the next day he and our kids were scouring the area for all the remains so no mess was left or unfired firecrackers.
    Kathye Allen

  2. Well I didn't know who Red Skelton was until now...but wow! I love how he presented this! Thanks for sharing this video. ♥

    My favorite memory of the 4th was when I was a kid and when my Dad was a Volunteer Fireman. The Firehouse would host a huge picnic for all the members and their families. As a family of 8 we didn't have much. So, you can imagine how excited all six of us kids were to go to this picnic where you can eat all you want all day long! :D I didn't even have to ask if I could have seconds, or thirds, or fourths, or.. :)

    It was also the only time we had soda and it was in a can! I have to say that I drank Grape and orange soda all day! :) There were usual picnic games during the day with prizes. I'm still not a fan of the raw egg toss. (yuck)

    In the evening we had the sparklers and back then those were so cool!

    After we were married, my husband and I usually would just hang out together at home on holidays. I think that's what makes is so tough right now. ♥

    I'm thinking about and praying for everyone here that they have some good memories to look back upon today. I hope that these memories will help ease the sadness or loneliness that a holiday can bring. ♥♥

    Thanks for this post Ferree; I hope to hear from others and I hope they will share their favorite memories too! ♥

  3. Dear Kathye and Cathy, I loved hearing from you and the good memories you can draw from. Kathye, what a variety of sights and sounds from all your different moves. Sounds like fun and hospitality were always on the menu with your George around. I'm sure he's sorely missed, but he's left a vibrant legacy to continue. And Cathy, the picnic sounds so fabulous. I don't ever recall a town picnic like that---how nice! Soda was a big treat for me too and to have a whole can ---I totally relate to that! I spent a pretty quiet day around home today, but might go to fireworks tomorrow night. We've had so much rain here that it was postponed. I'm feeling a little discontent, but that's ok. I'm wishing we would have shared the day with others. Last year at this time I shared the day with unpacked boxes from our move here. I look forward to next year and can use the discontent to plan ahead a bit and start making some new memories for my new life here in SC. Thanks for sharing your great comments, everyone! happy 4th of July!


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