Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fantastic DVD for Widows Can Be Yours!

I hope you're already familiar with my friend, Miriam Neff, author of two books I highly recommend for widows: From One Widow to Another and Where Do I Go From Here?

Miriam was widowed after 41 years of marriage to her Bob, a vice president for Moody Broadcasting. I can't begin to tell you of her many hats and life adventures! But to give you just a little glimpse let me say that as founder of Widow Connection she's helped start widows groups in the Chicago area, and travelled to a variety of countries to help widows. She hosts a radio spot called New Beginnings and is often a featured guest on Midday Connection and Chris Fabry Live radio shows.

And now, Miriam has let me in on an offer too good to pass up! Wouldn't you love to have a DVD series produced by widows/for widows? You could view it yourself, pass it along to another widow, or share with your church to multiply the benefits.

Miriam's One Widow To Another--The Connection That Counts DVD series contains five sessions and covers the following:

Leaders Guide: How to lead and facilitate a group. How widows can help each other. How churches can help widows become all God wants us to be.
Session 1: The Connection That Counts---How we grow stronger and then help others

Session 2: Emotions and Finding the Help We Need---Creating your Board of Directors
Session 3: Money---You can master your finances

Session 4: Relationships---Friends change. Family trees shake.
Session 5: Moving Forward---Your new beginning may be better than you can imagine

This set of DVD's, originally a remarkable value for $60.00, can be yours absolutely free. You don't even have to pay for shipping! Quantities are limited, and Miriam hopes all my readers will be able to get theirs, so hurry to order today.

Sorry, the offer is now closed, but thank you to all who ordered! Your dvd's should arrive in the next two or three weeks.

Once you receive your DVD, please don't let it collect dust, but pass it along to another widow looking for practical help and hope. Freely you received, freely give. (Matthew 10:8b)

I know you will love this! Thank you Miriam! And thank you God, for leading Miriam on this adventurous life of serving Your beloved widows!

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  1. I found out about this through another widow's blog and have to say that I got it quickly in the mail, and today watched part of the first DVD and was truly encouraged. There's a journal that goes along with the series too.

    Thanks for telling about it on your blog too.



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