Monday, July 22, 2013

A Lifeboat Conversation

Did you know I've set up some peer support groups for those who've found this blog?

Lifeboats are private, confidential support groups for widows that I set up on Facebook. Don't bother searching on FB for it, though. It's classified as a secret group and won't show up in any searches. But I know you must be curious, so with their permission, here's a bit of a conversation from one of our Lifeboats a few weeks ago.

To give you some background, "CB" has reached her one-year mark on the widows path and wants to move on from Lifeboat to the next group which is called Going Ashore.

CB: Time to move forward........ready for the new adventure in life wherever it leads.....Dave will be gone a year on June 11....the last year has been filled with such emotions .....from darkness to ladies. I'm going to be "going ashore" and see some old friends who have made it there before me....prayers of peace and comfort to you all, and I hope to see you continue your journey there when you are ready.... A verse that has got me through life especially this year..."Be still and know I am God".

AO: A step for you, ready to come ashore with some of us. I know the past year has been tough, and the pain lingers, but God continues to provide for us, and he has put us all together to make this terrible journey bearable.

LB:  Good! Your story gives me hope. I hope to see you there soon.

CH:  This is wonderful news, CB!!! You will be missed around here though! :(

SM: CB-- good for you. God bless you always. So there exists another group after leaving Lifeboat?

LB: Yes, SM-- it's called Going Ashore. It's meant for those who are a year out and no longer feel like they need the Lifeboat. It's for when you feel ready to return to land.

SM: Thank you, LB--. I was picked up by Lifeboat late, just last December I think. I spent two years of learning how different it is from being happily married to becoming widowed. I'm not ready to leave Lifeboat, yet. Maybe it has been the delay in finding Ferree and y'all. Every responder and poster have helped my spirits greatly. The first year after I lost Tony, I was so very lonely.

CB: Finding this group early was a God send ....healing and comfort

CH:  I was a mere 5 weeks in my journey when I typed in "Christian Widow Support" in to my web browser late one tears and so needing someone to relate to and understand the horrific pain I was in. The first link that came up was Widow's Christian Place and I clicked on it and found Ferree. I told some friends the next day that I truly felt that God had directed my fingertips to that site, at that moment, on that sad evening. I honestly could not have come to the place I am now without having had this lifeline/lifeboat to reach out to! I'm so thankful that God's provision had me find you all so early on.

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed this little peek at Lifeboat. All Lifeboat conversations are to remain confidential, but I just had to share this one with you, and everyone was willing to give me their permission. If you're interested in trying out Lifeboat, just click here for what to do. Going Ashore starts after Lifeboat and is for those past that one-year anniversary of widowhood. The groups are strictly peer support (not professional. They're free, too. All you need is a Facebook account. Click the link to find out more.


  1. I so believe that God also lead and directed my fingers on the keyboard which lead me to Widows Christian Place.

    I sincerely believe that this website and the ammenities are not for a profit of the pocketbook, but a profit for the kingdom of God and a place of restoration when one has fallen and lost their way in the crucible of life.

    The great Elijah despaired of life and wanted to and
    (prayed to die)after he had been at the brook of despair for (a year) God told him to get up and move on, the great part is..... God in his providence used another widow (familiar with pain) to help Elijah back to restoration. this widow yielded unto the Lord to help Elijah (she said "as the Lord God liveth" she knew in her soul she was to help the fallen. And as she yielded . God blessed her continuously.


  2. Thank you Dodi, "a place of restoration" -- I'd love for the Lord to use this as such a place. Time after time I'm privileged to see that in the lives of widows, and I can truly say, "There's life after death for the widow, too." blessings on you too, Dodi.


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