Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Key to Joy

"I find that my joy is enlarged by understanding that,
as a child of God,
even my pain has a purpose.

That realization doesn't eliminate my pain,
but it makes it more manageable."
(Patsy Clairmont, pg 589, NIV Women of Faith Study Bible)


  1. 1. Do not try to be a supermum. Tell your children how you feel. It is okay for them to see you cry, laugh, struggle with sometimes with mixed emotions. The more they see the real you the more they give themselves time to grief and allow the pain in their lives to alleviated
    2.It is not sin to ask God questions as to why you are a widow and all the loses that accompany widowhood How ever it is very wrong to totally walk away from God because with what has remained of your life i.e a mother, sister niece daughter grand mother, step mother lawyer doctor nurse cleaner, driver, sunday school teacher, evangelist, usher neighbour you still need God

  2. Dear Gertie, These are wonderful notes to add to our do's and don'ts. And so true that there is a lot that remains of life. God has so much goodness in store for widows once we can get past the raw pain. Thanks for your insights.


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