Thursday, June 27, 2013

You Still Matter

The speaker in this video talks about how two words can change lives: You matter.

Those words are especially important to widows. How can we matter, how do we feel significant when the one person we were most significant to is gone?

Although this video isn't for widows, there's a lot of life-affirming perspective to glean.

TEDxDesMoines - Angela Maiers - You Matter

Are you ready to start carrying a notebook around? Doing so will open our eyes to God at work all around us, and we will be amazed. In lieu of a notebook right now, why not just type in a comment of what you've noticed today?

Your comments are important to me, they always have been. You matter to me, and you've always mattered to God.


  1. Ferree,

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful presentation. What a beautiful contribution you make to enrich widows' lives! You matter to us, and we're glad you're here for us.

    What did I notice today?

    A widow friend of mine was willing to get up earlier to take me to my radiation appointment today, when the cancer centre changed the time without much notice.

    She and I chatted, on the way to the hospital, about the greatness of our God to notice the details of our lives and help us with them.

    While I was in treatment, she went to a wonderful bakery. She then picked me up after the radiation, and her gift to me was a freshly baked loaf of bread, the only kind I can have on this kind of radiation, and a lovely scone. Tonight I'll enjoy a "tea party", the scone and tea, a special treat.

    She was one of the first to offer a ride to radiation, and she "comes through". I can count on her, and I do. She is essential to my cancer journey.

    My first radiation treatment was Monday. She and I went out to lunch afterward, and then discovered a new store to browse in. Her friendship brings the sunshine to days of treatment.

    She is God's gift to me at this time in my life.

    I have other drivers I also count on -- precious, wonderful people. But my widow friends and I have a special connection.

    Today, online, I read this quote by the great cellist, Gaspar Cassado, to his students:

    "I'm so sorry for you; your lives have been so easy. You can't play great music unless your heart's been broken."

    We, whose hearts have been broken, can help to comfort the sad and sorrowing. They know we understand. They can feel it and they can share with us and we can help to lighten their load. It is one of the most inspiring things and significant things we can do. It's really all about "connecting". And the joy it brings is deep seated and genuine.

    God bless you, Ferree. Your work as Comforter and Counsellor and Encourager is blessing people more than you'll ever know.

    Honey Bee

    1. Dear Honey Bee, I'd love to be one of your drivers. Love emanates from your letters and, as much as your drivers and cancer friends bless you, I'll bet they are more blessed by you. You're a treasure. <3

  2. I won't go into the horrific days of my
    childhood. But not having nurturing as
    children so desperately need and being one
    of five children, I never remember hearing
    or ever feeling valued, loved or important.
    Anyway -
    God gave me the gift of music in song and after
    I married I occasionally did solo specials in
    church, (now I know we aren't responsible for
    the results or the responses) usually the responses
    are - thank you / or I was blessed / or your song
    really touched me / but on one occasion, I had
    just rendered a solo and a senior lady walked up
    to me and said this {Jennie} I was so PROUD of you.
    I never in all my life remember hearing those 4
    little words, but how they resonated into my soul and how reassuring to know that God used me to touch a life. It is so very important to be aware and focused on the now-here instead of no-where.
    Those few little words went directly to my heart (not my ego) but as
    you said Honey Bee it is truly life's little things that matter so much.

    And . . .
    Ferree thank you too for your graciousness and genuineness of validating, caring and fot this website,
    I often pray for God to give you the wisdom and guidance to post as he would lead and guide you each day to minister to greiving, lonely, hurting ladies in our world.

    May each man not looking to his own interest
    but also look out for the interest of others.
    (Phil. 2:4) also . . .

    A Beautiful reminder - take no thought for what you eat, drink, wear for not even one Sparrow falls to
    the ground, that God doesn't take notice of......
    Mt. 10:31

    1. Dear Jennie, Thank you so much for praying for me and this ministry! I don't know if we've even met, but God has placed it in my heart for you to mean so very much to me that this is the least I can do. It's remarkable that the Lord brought you through such neglect, and you've risen above it. The words from the senior lady are the same as from the heart of God himself. And I'm very proud of you too. ♥

  3. The sparrows in my yard are very, very playful today and are coming nearer to me. Nothing big, but it was so cute. Vicci Mauldin

    1. I love it Vicci, we can learn profound lessons from even little sparrows becoming braver, and cuteness is seldom over-rated. Life is delightful and I'm so glad to hear from you. ♥


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