Thursday, June 6, 2013


National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is TOMORROW! If you've been following this blog for the last two weeks you know what that means---this is one of my rare give-aways! This one was instigated by a reader like you, and she donated one book at first, and then decided to donate two! Wasn't that nice?
So first thing tomorrow morning, I'll draw two names: the first will receive a copy of  Postcards from the Widows Path, plus a $25 gift card! 
The second name will also receive Postcards from the Widows Path.
Enter before midnight TODAY. How to enter? Good question! Every comment is an entry. You may comment on every post you see as you scroll down this blog. Only one comment per post per day, tho. If you receive this by email, click on the title to access the blog and make a comment. Best of wishes, and chocolate kisses!
P.S. I've received "Anonymous" comments and I'd like to enter you, but I need your contact info. Please email me at to identify yourself. Everyone else: If you haven't already, make sure I have your contact info in case I draw your name--if you've already emailed me, I have it.  


  1. If I win, I will give the copy of your book to a widow friend.

    This is a nice give away.


  2. If I win I will give your book to one of the ladies in our widows' group who didn't get one because of financial issues. And then I'll have a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream!!

  3. I love how God would multiply these gifts through each of you!


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