Friday, May 31, 2013

Financial Tips from "Bible Money Matters"

Money by Junior Libby
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We all have financial questions, and Bible Money Matters addresses just about everything with well defined titles that point out the answers so you know which of the many articles will help.

Here's a sample of their articles. Click on them and you'll immediately land there:

An Emergency Fund Is More Than Just Money In the Bank: You may have more money available than you think

Ways to Watch TV Without Paying An Arm and A Leg For Cable or Satellite

50 Ways To Make Money: Maximizing, Creating And Increasing Your Income

50 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Month

50 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Month

10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast In A Down Market

Should I Pay Off My Home Mortgage Early Or Invest?

College Expenses: Should Parents Pay For Their Children’s Tuition?

The tremendous amount of content can be overwhelming for the widow "fog" that often clouds our thinking, so typing a keyword into the search box is the best way to find the answers you need. Unfortunately, there's not much information specifically geared to widows, but you'll soon realize that the money problems of widows are common to married people too. Step by step, dollar by dollar, this site can help widows begin to rebuild their lives.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, Ferree. I look forward to checking it out. Always interested in learning new ways to save money and utilize it using God's principals. Such an important area of our lives to consider and educate ourselves about. I'm sure this will be helpful information for us.

  2. Thanks for these money savings tips. It is good to read some of these reminders of how to save.


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