Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't forget to leave a comment so you'll be entered in the drawing for a free book and a $25 gift card to spend on all the chocolate ice cream (or anything else) your little heart desires! Each comment on posts from May 24 - June 6 is an entry! Click here for more details. Click the word comment below and at the bottom of each day's post to leave an entry. Yes--you may enter every day! You've got a good chance!  
Only this many names
 to draw from so far!
That means you've got a great
 chance to win!
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What if you win? Make sure I have your contact info! Email your email address or phone to me at WCplace@gmail.com.  Don't worry, I know I'm supposed to share---but I don't share your contact info with anyone! ☺


  1. Hope I'm in the right spot! Really want to win ice cream money!

  2. I love ice cream and I love chocolate, but I am not real crazy about chocolate ice cream. I like just about any other kind of ice cream though especially butter pecan or caramel!

  3. Would love to win a book and ice cream money would be a bonus.

  4. Would love to have another copy of your awesome book to give away!

    Teresa D.

  6. You are all doing marvelously! You're all winners in my opinion, but we'll see what happens in the drawing. Yum!

  7. Thank you for the good information. I helped in a local day camp for grieving children and it was amazing. A real blessing to me. God helps us all to help each other. Have a good day.


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