Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beauty Boot Camp Retreat

Have you heard of this cool women's ministry--Fashion meets Faith by Shari Braendel? I've been following her newsletter for a couple years, and when it arrived in my inbox yesterday and I read about Beauty Boot Camp---well, I need this!

Surrounded by Southern belles now, my naturally plain and Midwestern farmgirl style is looking pretty frumpy. And I've grown in so many ways here in my new home---mostly matronly! I weigh
as much now as I did for my last pregnancy, but I'm not pregnant anymore! Oh dear! I don't recognize my body and I sure don't know how to dress it!

And then I remembered how I felt when I was widowed ... I was so fortunate that the day before the funeral my hairstylist arrived at my door, scissors in hand, and opened up shop in my kitchen. She knew I was overdue for a haircut and too numb to make an appointment so she intervened. Thanks to my good friend/hairstylist Jeanine, and my walking partner Laura, I started to shape up for widowhood, but it would have been so refreshing and helpful to getaway for a weekend treat like this.

I registered today, and I hope you can go too!
  • Watch the video
  • read the info below that I've adapted from the newsletter
  • click the link for more info and registration
  • pray about going
It's a good value for two nights in a hotel and all the training and fun. The only extra costs I see would be lunches, suppers, and transportation. Plus some shopping on Saturday afternoon where Shari and her team help us make the best choices and determine our style, but you can just browse too. If the video doesn't work well for you here, view it on Youtube at

August 23th-25th 
Pigeon Forge, TN

Total Cost: $359.00
  • Hotel ... 3 days and 2 nights - (double occupancy - 2 queen beds in each room)
  • Breakfast ... Saturday and Sunday
  • Work book, Swatches, and Registration
August is right around the corner and your TOTAL MAKEOVER WEEKEND is almost here!
Click this blue line to register and read more info

Imagine yourself and me packing our luggage for a weekend getaway! Your BFF, mom or daughter could come too! We'll arrive in Pigeon Forge, TN on Friday afternoon and settle into the hotel.

You are so excited because this is the weekend you've been waiting for: A total transformation makeover; body and soul! At 7pm you report to the training room and find 30 other women who are about to become your new friends! And away we go!!!!!

Shari wrote the following... "We talk, we teach, you talk, you learn, we teach, you ask questions, we demo, you laugh, we laugh, you cry (from laughing!), you learn more and more and more until Friday night turns into Saturday morning (after a good night's sleep!), and Saturday turns into more learning, shopping, fun, laughter, and new friendships as you're being made over from the inside out. Saturday turns into Sunday and you look in the mirror and realize you are not leaving the same way we found you!"

Won’t you join me? Registration is now open on a first-come basis. I hope to remind you of this again, and maybe even interview Shari, but August will be here before we know it, so register asap. I hope we can meet at this great retreat!
P.S. Be sure to email me if you register. Maybe I can pick you up at the airport or we can carpool along the way or WCP readers can room together.


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, but the date and place do not work out for me.


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