Friday, April 12, 2013

You Be Safe---God Will Do the Rest

This happened to my Lifeboat and blogger friend Deb last week:

Got up this morning...getting ready for work...headed out doing great, feeling good, driving along, listening to the radio and then wham!!...THE SONG!

THE song comes on that was played at Wayne's memorial service---Brad Paisley's "When I Get To Where I'm Going."

I completely and totally lost it! Had to pull over as the tears were unstoppable. No way could I drive as the flood gates opened. And as I sat there and cried and listened to the song and cried some more... then somehow, someway I hear this tapping on the window...Yes you guessed it...a cop!

I rolled down the window and he said, "Ma'am, I saw you change lanes twice very quickly without signaling. May I ask why?"

Of course I have mascara running down my face, I'm trying to catch my breath while looking at him, reaching for my insurance, registration and license, and also trying to explain to him why.

This poor officer can't understand a word I am saying other than, "its the song on the radio...the song!"

He stood there a moment, let me compose myself to some extent. I finally told him why I was hysterical and that I knew it was safer for me to pull over instead of driving on.

He just stood there for another few moments, and then gave me back my papers, saying, "I'm so sorry for your loss ma'am. I by all rights should give you a ticket, but considering the circumstance I'll forego it and ask if possible in the future, try to remember to use your signals indicating you are lane changing when you feel another moment come on."

"Ma'am, have a good day and know that Jesus is with you!"

He got in his patrol car and left as I sat there stunned. I thought to myself, did he just say to me what I thought he said?

Who am I to question it? Obviously, God must have worked in his heart, or he is one of God's children. Either way I praise God for giving me such an understanding officer in my moment of meltdown.
Readers, These unexpected grief attacks can come out of nowhere like Deb’s did. Please know that this is pretty normal, you are not alone. Let’s talk about times when this has happened to you, and tips we can take to deal with it and stay safe while we try to rebuild our lives. Click the comment line--- We'd love to hear from you today!


  1. I loved hearing this story the first time when Deb shared it on Facebook, and I loved hearing it again. God is an awesome God!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us Deb!

    What the officer said:

    ""Ma'am, have a good day and know that Jesus is with you!"

    This message will stay with you forever.

    It's amazing what God can do when you least expect it. God knew what you needed that day.

  3. I have had to pull over several times because of tears cause by the songs on the radio - but haven't had a cop pull behind me yet - isn't it nice that God sent someone to you with a heart for Jesus. Did my heart good to read your story.

  4. A beautiful story! I love that police officer! Hope if ever I get pulled it will be one like him. And btw, that song gets me every time! <3 Thank you for the blessing!


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