Monday, April 29, 2013

When We Ask A Thousand Whys

Hello everyone!
I was gone all last week visiting two of my kids. It was so good to be able to devote time to them and know that you'd understand. I have bills and laundry to catch up on today, and even better--new friends on Facebook to connect with and add to Lifeboat tomorrow, but I wanted to share the following poem with you.
It expresses some questions, struggles, and anger. It's very honest, and God wants our honest cries. They're okay. We can't hide anything from Him anyway, can we?
I love how this poem shows that in spite of the struggles there is a new, yet ancient, melody of hope that brings our whole story together. I pray that hope sings in your heart today.

A Thousand Whys

I look into the Father’s eyes
And wrestle with a thousand whys
Why this? Why now? Why him, not I?
The hurt, the rage, unbridled pain
Erupting from my soul, again.
If that’s the way it’s going to be
Then build Your Kingdom without me.

But then, again, where could I go
To hear a word of hope, and know
The promise that beyond the pain
The ballad has a glad refrain?
But what for now? And how can one
Still vocalize “Thy will be done”?

And soon I hear a song begin,
Celestial, but from deep within,
A new yet ancient melody
Of joy and pain, disharmony.
Or do the strains combine somehow,
A lovely paradox of sound?

Copyright, David B. Biebel

from the book "Finding Your Way after the Suicide of Someone You Love. Please also see for more of Dr. Biebel's books


  1. Welcome back,Ferree! I hope you were blessed in your time away. I am glad you had this time with your kids.

  2. Thank you Sharon! I had a really wonderful time with them and enjoyed getting to know my daughter's fiance and my son's special girlfriend. Plus, we visited my neice at her new job at a Christian conference center on a beautiful beach! It was great all around!


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