Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Mom Song

No wonder we're tired! Here's an honest look at motherhood that will give you a grin and a "Wow!"
Widowhood is very stressful, and so is motherhood. Somehow we survive both while wearing many hats between the two. Let's lend a hand to a widowed mom today, even if we're a widow too. We need each other, don't you agree? Now fasten your seatbelt and hit the "Play" button!



  1. This has been one of my favorite videos for quite a while. So much so that when I first saw it, I ordered one of her DVDs.
    Thanks for sharing it ...... and for giving us all much needed laughter.

  2. It's a favorite of mine too Janine. I've seen other versions, but this one is the best. She really nails it!

  3. Hi Ferree,
    I've never seen that before. That was great.

    Being a widow and a mom is hard, but I can't tell you how many times my kids saved me!
    Anne (from "Missing Bobby..." on Blogroll)

  4. I agree with kids have saved me many times but have also nearly taken me to the brink at times. Widowhood and motherhood...such a hard and challenging job.


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