Thursday, March 28, 2013

A New Perspective---nothing is wasted

My Lifeboat friend Lucy --- this happened to her, and I think you'll be amazed and touched by it too.

I talked with my sister today while at the grocery store about all the losses I've had in the last 4 years; my health due to cancer, my house, my husband, my mom, my job, my identity. I was saying that I went back to school to teach and now I'm not doing that with all the stress put upon me with my weakened state. And she says that God is going to use all these trials for something; it's not all for nothing. I get in the car and turn on the Christian music station and this song comes on: Nothing Is Wasted. God speaks so clearly. 


  1. What a beautiful story. God wanted you to hear that message, Lucy. You have gone through some tough times, but nothing is wasted. God will bring beauty out of all the tragedy. I have no doubt that He will use you in special ways in His time. Actually He has already through this post. Thank you to you too, Ferree, for publishing this and for all that you do.

  2. I love when God does beautiful comforting things like this! He makes Himself so real and personal as He confirms His knowledge of you and your circumstances, Lucy. What a precious gift to echo your sister's message of hope!

    I am so sorry for your loss and for all the challenges you face. I hope it is a comfort to know that God will redeem and transform all your heartache and pain; beauty for ashes!

  3. I am sorry for all of the losses and things that are going on in your life, but God is already using your story to touch hearts. I love it when God uses a song to bless and strengthen us.

    May you feel God's love, peace and strength surrounding and flowing through you.

    Have a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  4. That kind of thing happened to me all the time after John died, and then Bill. Just about any time I got in the car, either the next song on the radio would attack whatever I was feeling, or it would just be such a praise and worship song, I couldn't help but sing along and rejoice. There are NO coincidences with God.

  5. Love it! God never ceases to amaze me in the way He moves in so closely when we need Him so much!

  6. In the movie "Loves Comes Softly" Dale Midcaff asked his new bride (Marny) to please stay a few months until summer to help teach his motherless daughter the things a young lady needs to learn. Marny's response was........."don't you think it's such a waste of time to stay for a few months , what could she possibly learn in a few months?"
    Dale's response was (BEAUTIFUL) ..............
    He said "Marny NOTHING is ever wasted from God to help you to become the person God intends for
    you to become" whether it's a hour, day, week month or however long......God has a purpose for everything that happens in his child's life.......
    all the pain, laughter, ALL THINGS are never wasted in order for you to become and fashioned into your likeness of Him.

    (my thought) We are flesh, God is Spirit and the two many times are in opposition, may we yeild to his spirit and as we yeild to his spirit through our sufferings, our tears and pains his transformation in time glorious shine through. dodi ~


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