Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day Ideas

Do you think you'll want to mark Valentine's Day this year? You might be able to transform it by thinking ahead and planning to do something different. Of course if you want to pretend the day doesn't exist and not acknowledge it at all, that's okay too. I often find the people deal with sorrow in two different ways:
  • remember/memorialize it
  • or choose to leave it alone. It's in the past, its been dealt with, and its time for the next chapter.
Depending on your background and personality, both of these methods can work.

If you'd like to memorialize the day or give yourself something to look forward to, here are a variety of things that might be meaningful for you:
  • Visit the cemetary and leave a message of candy conversation hearts to melt into the snow
  • Tie a home-made Valentine to a helium balloon and let it fly away to heaven
  • Collect old Valentines and love letters and put them together in a decorative memory box keepsake.
  • Create a collage of photos and frame it to hang on a wall or stand on your dresser.
  • Buy a package or two of school Valentine cards. Send them to your own children, nieces & nephews or other family members. Write a little love note on them.
  • Or send Valentines to various groups--nursing homes, children's hospital wards, missionary kids you pray for, your childrens' ministry leaders, your Bible study group or group leaders . . .
  • Offer to babysit for a married couple so they can enjoy a romantic evening out. Prepare a lot of fun things to do with the kids so you don't end up bored and feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Invite other widows over for tea or coffee and snacks, or a carry-in lunch or supper. Give them an opportunity to share their stories and send them home with a love verse from the Bible.
  • Plan something nice for yourself: learn something new! Sign up for Zumba lessons or Jazzercise. Take piano or guitar lessons (or take that first step and visit your local music store and ask about them); then rent a flute, violin or whatever and practice to audition for the local orchestra! Ask about singing with your church group or community choir. Volunteer at a food pantry or ask about a part-time job at something that interests you. Take a course at a community college. . .
--hey, I'm getting carried away here, but you get the idea. Plan some fun and show yourself some love and kindness.


  1. I pulled out all our Valentine Day cards and displayed them on my dining table. I don't have all the ones from our entire marriage due to a basement flood, but I saved 11 of his and 11 of mine. Perfect 22 because we were married 22 years. I've read and reread all the cards to remember how much we loved each other. Besides our anniversary, we always made a big deal on Valentine's Day. On the first valentine he gave me, he wrote nothing but verses from the Song of Solomon. On our honeymoon, we read through all the book.

    On his 1st valentine, one of the verses was 2:14 O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret place of the steep pathway, let me see your form, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your form is lovely.

    My first card to him was this part that I wrote: You make loving you very easy. That's because everything I've always wanted, you possess. I ask the Lord to help me love you the way to make you the happiest in our lives.

    Our love was special and I enjoy remembering the good times.

    Lucy Rodriguez

  2. Lucy,

    Thank you for sharing. What beautiful memories you have of the two of you for Valentines Day.

    I love how you have 11 cards from each of you to equal the years you were married. That is really special as I can see your love for each other was too.

  3. Ferree,

    These are great ideas! I'm glad you got carried away! :)

    I love the balloon idea! This is embarassing..but you know I am like a Kid in so many ways. (feel free to plead the 5th on that) :)

    Anyway..anytime we went somewhere and there were balloons, my husband would always go over and wait in line with the other kids to get me a balloon. I was way to embarrassed to do that myself. lol

    On Valentines Day we usually just went out to eat somewhere. I am not that much into jewelry (he used to joke that this was the reason he married me). Flowers were ok; but I would get sad because they wouldn't last a long time. So I asked him to just write something. I have letters from him and I am so thankful for that. I'll have those forever. ♥ ♥

    Now for him..this is what I used to do. He worked in an office with mostly women. So every Valentine's Day I would send him flowers, stuffed animal, and sometimes a bunch of balloons. He would be called down to the front desk and all the women would just get a kick out of whole thing. Even though he would get embarassed..he would always say he secretly loved it. lol ♥ ♥

  4. These are such beautiful memories, thanks for sharing. It makes me thankful for the good times I've had too. I loved the 11 cards for each of you, Lucy, and the precious notes. What wonderful keepsakes! Bruce and I were married for 22 years, too. And Swans, it sounds like you and your husband shared a lot of playful teasing and enjoyed each others company. <3

  5. Thank you for saying that it's OK to avoid it altogether. I usually avoid any of these emotional days when I can


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