Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do You Have Valentines Memories?

Was Valentine's Day special for you and your husband? Please feel free to share your stories and pictures! Telling your story is an important part of working through grief. I always love to hear from you and its very helpful to others who can read your story too. It helps them know they're not alone, and gives them hope.

Click on the comment line below and enter it into the comment box. Don't try leaving a comment with your smartphone, though. People tell me it won't work. You can always send me a message on Facebook, or send your story to WCplace@gmail.com. Either way I'll copy it and paste it into the comment box for you.


  1. What a great idea! Would love to hear from other's about this special Day. <3

    So..Ferree..are you saying that smartphones are not so smart? :)

  2. Dear Swans, I plead the 5th on the smartphones . . . I'm looking forward to the stories too---Dodi sent me the sweetest video I wish I could share with y'all. And slide down to the next comment for Louisa's. You'll see the love...

  3. from Louisa. . .

    Ferree, thank you so much for all that you do to help us on this journey. I appreciate you so much, and I'm being greatly helped on the Life Boat.

    This is my second Valentine's Day without my Nate. He and I always had very special Valentine's celebrations. He was very romantic and loved showing his love for me by planning something very special for Valentine's Day. He always bought a dozen red roses, chocolates, and sometimes, he bought jewelry. We would go out for dinner. I would buy a gift for him also, and during the week, I would fix his favorite meal. Oh how I miss just hearing his voice telling me, "I love you".

  4. Dear Louisa,

    Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful way for the two of you to celebrate Valentines Day and to celebrate your love for each other. Such wonderful loving memories. <3

  5. Last Valentines Day was one week before my husband, Lawrence, died. We did a 2 hour road trip to Wellington Harbour and had a ferry trip. His "bucket list" included going on a ferry across to the South Island of our country. We knew he was really not up to it so chose a ferry across the harbour instead. His sister and I accompanied him, most of the time he needed a wheel chair. The pilot, when informed that Lawrence was seriously ill, allowed him to take the helm for a short time. He thought it was great! I am so grateful he could do this before he went to be with the Lord. In the last month we spent long hours when he couldn't sleep, writing notes, him dictating and me jotting it down, about some of the stories of how God used him in ministry; I have a journal of such testimonies to share with the family later. God was gracious that we had a final year together ending with this special Valentine's Day.


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