Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Retelling Your Story Safely

If you hate spam as much as I do you'll know how I felt yesterday when I found out that someone used the WCplace at gmail dot com address to make it look like their spam was from WCplace! Grrrrgh!

But it illustrates something I've been meaning to address anyway---my policies on how I use your information and a few little tips on protecting your information if you blog or do Facebook.

First, I rarely send mass emailings. So unless you have emailed me or subscribed to this blog, your inbox shouldn't receive anything from WCplace. If you get email from WCplace gmail in the next few days---it's just a spammer who has copied my email address. Don't open it; throw it out.

On the otherhand, most people are surprised that I actually do reply to personal emails. So if you've sent me a note, I will reply in a day or two at most. Please do open it!

Here are some of my promises to you:
  • I will never sell your information. The less $ I have to keep track of and pay taxes on, the better. Notice I have no ads here? I'm not out for your money.
  • I won't share your information either---not with Elvis or anyone! Not even the world's most eligible bachelor! If you hear from some hunky guy saying I told him it's God's will to meet you---I did not send him. He's a jerk who should be arrested and doesn't look anything like his picture.
  • I will not ever ask you for a donation. If I ask for a donation---don't give me one! Even if I say I'm stranded at the airport in a foreign country and I've lost my passport and all my money and my little children are crying! Be heartless, it's an imposter. I won't ask you for money. 
  • I would like you to buy my book, but that's for your own benefit and so that I can print more copies and more widows can benefit.     
Now let's talk about you and how you share your information.

I'm going to encourage you to tell and retell your story during grief. It's so theraupeutic. But if you tell your story on the Internet, here are a few things I want you to do so I don't worry about you so much, okay?
  • Remember phone books and city directories? They're still around. So don't mention your full name or location in such a way that creeps can look you up.
  • Be careful about the pictures you post. What you wear and how you wear it matters. Pictures of you and the kids can say a lot. Be aware of the backgrounds in your pictures. Don't post a picture of your house. Don't post directions or maps of your location.
  • Talk about your vacation or trip AFTER you get back home. No need to complicate your life by announcing your house will be empty for days or weeks.
These are just a few things that I see over and over again. If you're guilty of any, for the most part they're harmless slips. Don't worry about them, just fix them right away. Google some searches on home safety and Internet safety because there are a lot more tips to be aware of than just these few.

If you compile a list of other safety tips for widows, please spread the word to your friends and widows groups, and I'd love to share it here for you too! Please contact me at WCplace @ gmail dot com. But don't bother if you're a spammer. lol   


  1. Ferree...

    This is good to know when sharing stuff on the internet...It's easy to forget..or some may not even realize..

    Thanks for sharing such good information.


  2. Oh..your picture of the spam?

    I am very thankful that I have never had the pleasure of eating that Spam in a can stuff...


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