Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Widow's Treasures

I address "reframing our perspective" every Thursday, but I want to make it clear that such a process doesn't happen overnight or only on Thursdays. Ideally, each post you read on Thursday will be one of those "a-ha!" moments. But, widow brain usually doesn't work like that. Sometimes it's hard to think and concentrate; sometimes it's like there's fog to cut through.

So don't stress out. Some of these posts will connect with you; some won't. Yet. Don't give up.

Read them anyway as they will always give you food for thought. Eventually some things will begin to make sense.

You have some treasures, don't you? Most people do: maybe their bank account, expensive jewelry, SHOES, CHOCOLATE . . . or stuff like photographs, family, memories, home . . .

If you grabbed a pen and paper, what would be on your personal list of "treasures?" Think of things you emotionally respond to and want to hug---babies, precious people, pets, things . . .  many widows would put their late husband on their list. Even if there were days in the past when he was definitely not a treasure, overall we sure do miss him now.  

I once heard a widow say, "My heart's in heaven now . . ." and as I considered her words, I was reminded of what Jesus said:
"for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21 (NASB)

Is your heart in heaven now too?

There's no better place for it to heal.


  1. Beautiful!!!

    I've been listenng to a wonderful CD by John Micahel Talbot, and one of his songs is about this very thing, where your treasure is there is your heart also. You are so right, there is no better place to heal.

    Thank you for your love and healing encouragement. Each day is different, and the tears are ever ready, but, I feel God's tender loving care surrounding me and flowing through me.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

  2. I believe it was in the late 1960 or early 1970 Elvis Presley sang a song which resonated deep into my soul titled............... "Home Is Where the Heart Is and my heart is anywhere you are" since Thomas's homegoing in Nov. 2011I've thought about that song many times and would like to share with you a poem, prayer, sonnet or however you want to say it of what God placed upon my heart.
    and p.s....
    my mom,dad my foster aunt & uncle are all there (heaven)and passed before I reached the age of 21. Tom and I met when I was 27.


    I once lived lost, lonely and blind
    Wandering everywhere over hill&dale
    In search for Love to call my own
    I roam this land to no avail

    Carrying nothing but my brokeness and empty need, an empty soul & heart full of pain
    All my searching was so empty, I sought in vain

    In my ignorance I traveled far & wide in search for Love on this earthly ground, but my rightful home could not be found.

    God's grace allowd me to look up, for His peace that never ends, where mortal souls are finally free
    where we and our loved ones praise the Living God and Christ's love sits and dines with me

    My heart is now in Heaven my home
    Where pain nor sin does not exist
    A place of total perfection of
    unimaginable total bliss

    In Heaven I can reach & hold His hand....Knowing He is mine and I am His, this heart of mine will soon be home, never again shall I roam.

    Heaven is my heart my home where Love flows as a mighty never ending stream, with banks of love overflowing shall be a never endless dream.

    Heaven my home, my live Eternally with our loved ones never again to depart.

    "Home Is Where Your Heart Is"
    for where your treasures are there will your heart be also.

    My Residential Address: whereever God places me
    My Home Address: Heaven

    dodi <><

  3. So nice and so true. I have told people I have a very special treasure in heaven which has made my desire to go there so much more. I am reminded that as I place my broken heart in the Lords hands I he will heal and restore. Nice poem Dodi. Halima


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