Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Year in Review: Sharon's Story & Andrea's Miracle

Let's continue to find out how the Lord helped widows this past year. . .


On November 5, 2011 the love of my life - my husband of almost 39 years passed away suddenly. Five weeks later I lost my dear Mother when she also passed away suddenly. My world was rocked as I was faced with the most sorrowful days of my life. The Lord embraced me and carried me through the rest of 2011 and 2012. Every single morning as I wake, I pray to God to carry me through the day. During this time I met a wonderful Christian counselor, who led me to the amazing group of 'sisters' in Lifeboat. God has been my strength and I will forever rejoice in Him. God bless you Ferree as you continue to reach out to your 'sisters' in Lifeboat to encourage and support us as you have brought us together.

Andrea experienced a bit of a miracle during her Christmas travels . . .

Angels come in all sizes and shapes. Mine was a young family from Kentucky. 

My car decided to not start at the McDonalds there at I40 and HWY46. I had gone through the drive thru earlier and purchased a fish sandwich and coffee with the intent of eating it as I drove down Hwy 46 into Dickson. My sandwich was covered - I do mean COVERED with tartar sauce and was not eatable. I would have had to clean the sandwich off in order to eat it - not acceptable. I decided to take it back and speak with the manager at McDonalds. I got my money back and found my car decided not to start. 

This young family was parked next to me. The battery cables were corroded. The husband cleaned them off for me and checked my oil as well! The oil was VERY low and he took off running across the HWY to the convenience store and purchased two quarts of oil. This family would not allow me to pay for the oil. What a blessing for me. 

If my car had started I would not have realized that the oil was low...for that matter if the fish sandwich had not been swimming in tartar sauce...I would not have stopped there and might have blown my engine up before I knew there was a problem. God is so good. I pray that He watches out over this sweet family of four angels and grant them travel mercies as they go to celebrate Christmas with their family in TX. Thank you Lord for watching out over me too!

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