Friday, December 7, 2012

Grandkids and Christmas Giving: A Story from Denise

Fridays are for fun stuff and smiles, and if this doesn't warm your heart, I just don't know what will. Many thanks to my friend Denise for sharing this with Lifeboat, my widows support group on Facebook. Enjoy!

I have to share this with you dear friends. Hope it brings a smile to you as it did to others today.

While listening to K-love radio with 3 of my grandchildren in the car we heard a story about a 13 yr old who is passing Bibles out at his school. He had asked for more Bibles for Christmas. They had him back on the radio and he asked for prayer also because he was being bullyed at school for passing the Bibles out.

Well, 30 minutes after that interview I am asked by my grandchildren if they can pass out Bibles!
So off we go to the Dollar Store and each of them selects 6 Bibles.

As soon as they get out the door they started asking most everyone who came by if they would like a free Bible. They learned that having the Bible in hand and holding it out to the person helped them to take it. Many couldn't believe it was free and most said they already had many Bibles.

The children began telling them they could give it to someone they know who does not have a Bible. The various responses by these adults, young, old, male and female was very interesting to say they least. Most were thankful and said they appreciated what they were doing.

We walked to 2 other stores in the area so that we did not create too much of a scene at one place. I figured Publix and Hobby Lobby would be fairly receptive to what they were doing. They started out a little shy but it wasn't long before they were so excited to be sharing with others and seeing the smiles on the peoples faces.

They were disappointed when someone said "No," as most did. But I explained Jesus has that Bible in mind for a certain person and they had not meet them yet. I also asked them to notice how they were putting smiles on peoples faces. Most everyone looked down and sad, but when the kids offered them a free Bible they smiled even though saying "no thanks."

They each have 2 left so it's off to the park after school tomorrow; so they say. All in all it was a great, unplanned (by us anyway, maybe not God) activity for the day. To offer kindness and a caring gesture to people. After all isn't that what Christmas is really about?
P.S. My grand-daughter started a blog last year!

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  1. What a wonderful story, a wonderful Grandma, and three wonderful grandchildren!

    Thanks for sharing!



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