Friday, December 14, 2012

Cats Who Love Us Still

I am sorry for the one's who lost their lived pets soon after their husbands passed away. It must feel like a double whammy. But, let me share my story. John & I always had pets but about 4 years ago we lost our last one Molly (dog). That one hit us pretty hard so we did not acquire another animal, then John got sick...but look what I got a few months ago.,.
One of the best things I have done for myself!!!!
—Kerry K. with Missy the new kitten.

When Joe and I were first together back in 1992, he bought me a kitten. She was a tiny, skinny little thing, rescued from the shelter, and in need of lots of love. Her real name was “Speedbump” because she always got underfoot and kept me from moving at my usual feverish pace. But she soon came to be known as just Speedy, Speeds, or Little Baby Girl Cat. She was a love. She craved attention and gave her whole self to you all the time. She always knew when I was feeling down, and she would climb up on my chest and knead my neck. There were some difficult times in those early years, and Speedy was my buddy through it all. The years passed and Speedy stayed with us through our wedding and the birth of Thomas. But she started to get tired after 17 years, and we could see that our time with her was soon to end. While on vacation in the Adirondacks, we saw a sign that said “FREE KITTENS” and we felt obligated check it out. So in the summer of 2009, we adopted Tupper (named after Tupper Lake where we were staying.)

Joe picked her out himself from a litter of four. She was the one hiding in the corner. We drove her home 5 hours, and she spent a year or so with Speedy, who finally ended her time with us quietly about a month after Joe got sick. We laid her to rest in the back yard, while Thomas and his cousins had a full scale funeral for her complete with “Nearer My God to Thee” played by my 9 yr. old niece Emily on her electric keyboard, and an “Amazing Grace” duet on kazoos. She was well loved, and is still greatly missed.
As quiet and content as Speedy was, Tupper is full of energy and runs everywhere. She climbs window screens and curtain rods. Once she set her tail on fire while passing a candle on the kitchen counter! She is trouble with a capital “T”, but we love her anyway. ~Lynne V.W.

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