Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Widow's Daughter

Wednesday's are for widows' stories, but today's story is a video about a widow's daughter. I think you'll be touched by this girl who dedicated her horse competition to her dad, who had died only 24 days beforehand. "Thanks for teaching me to keep trying new things," she said.

As I mentioned yesterday, the holidays are hard during grief, but we all need to keep trying, too! What new things will you try for Christmas this year?


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Tears flowing!

  2. Me, too, Beth, but they're good ones! Live with honor, not with fear is what it's telling me. <3

  3. Good tears. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. That was fantastic! I too was crying-yes, good tears.

  5. I too am beautifully executed. What a beautiful tribute!!!! Horses I think are God's most beautiful creatures!!!!

  6. That horse knew Stacy was grieving and it performed to the best of its ability. I'm so glad that she had that connection with her horse because I'm sure that has helped her in her grief. I love the way she just flew on it in total freedom! Fly, Candy, Fly!


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