Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Day In the Life . . .

Sherry Luttrel
So, I was standing in line at the store, and this very rude woman behind me sneezes on the back of my neck (I have short hair now so I felt it). I turned around and said "God bless you".
She looked at me with these big crazy eyes as if I'd cussed her out. She said "I'll take blessings any day but not from God!!!" By then, my transaction was done, so I walked away and outside to my car with her following me the entire way railing on God.
I finally turned around and said, "I am sorry for what ever terrible thing that has happened in your life that has turned your heart against the One person isn't judging you or mad at you."
She stopped yelling.... And looked at me, stunned. She was quiet and we just stood there....
I was wondering what to say or do next when she finally said "What do you mean He's not mad at me?"
I said "He's not. In fact He makes Himself available to you in your time of need."
"No," she said, "not after what I've done". 
I said, "Especially after what you've done," (not knowing what she'd done). "That's what mercy is all about--- not getting what you deserve."
She said......."Can I buy you coffee?" It turns out she was the driver of the car that caused an accident that killed her young son five years ago. She was talking on her phone at the time, arguing with her husband. 
I lead a very interesting life.
Wednesdays are for widow's stories---this one is from my Facebook and Lifeboat friend, Sherry, who was widowed this past year. She and her husband ministered together in the Pacific Northwest, where Sherry continues their ministry. I'm so glad she was happy to let me pass on this incident she posted to Facebook last week. It's pretty amazing isn't it?
God sends people across our path all the time---these are people who need the compassion and wisdom of widows who are simply open to the new way of life God has designed for them.  It's not easy, but it sure is "interesting!"

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  1. Ferree-
    Wow, what a powerful situation. I am impressed with Sherry's ability to continue to stay calm and help this woman out. The anger that this woman had or has inside of her was evident with her attitude. I too had a lot of anger inside of me at certain points. I am happy I was able to get through it. I hope that the lady will be able to as well.

  2. "Not getting what you deserve." That's the key, isn't it? Even your worst enemy doesn't deserve what 'we' ended up getting. Mercy is a strong word, and yet so simple.

  3. Mercy - such a sweet word. Something that took me awhile to give myself. Something my therapist keeps reminding me to do. Tim is right - none of us deserved any of this.

  4. It's amazing how God's timing reached out to this woman by using your friend. If only we can be open more and hear His word more often to help others in need. Great post, Ferree!

  5. Wow. Only God could have directed you in such a time as this. Wow. Amazing Grace!

  6. How intricately the tapestry is woven for us to be in the right place at the right time with just the right amount of opening for strength to shine through. Great story, Ferree.


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