Monday, November 12, 2012

When Widows Get Together

Is this what you picture when
widows get together?

Me, Erica, Gina, Beth, Jan, Myra

Survivors of 4 heart attacks, 1 motor cycle accident, and 1 brain aneurysm met for lunch in Charlotte on Saturday and discovered much more than "Sugar Bacon" and other delicious food. We dished out a few salty tears, too, but that meant we were still breathing and had a heart.
We discovered so much in common! None of us got to say "good-bye." Each of our husbands had died instantly and without any signs of poor health. We were all on the sunny side of 50---just 50, or in our 40's, 30's or 20's when IT happened. We'd faced many challenges since: cars, raising kids, selling houses, finding jobs, crazy people, and finding our way through grief.
We came together as strangers, but we instantly bonded as friends. We relaxed, refreshed, and renewed each other. Although our husbands were gone and life wasn't as we expected or wanted, we're going to make it. God had given us each glimpses of hope and His presence, and knowing we're not alone, we found out we can do this.  
How'd we get together? It was a matter of just asking. Two years ago Myra, Jan and I met at a widows conference I promoted on this blog. Now that I've moved to South Carolina and we're nearly neighbors they suggested we get together for a weekend. We opened it up to anyone else in the Charlotte area, and found Erica, Gina and Beth! :) Widows do brave things, don't you agree? We just have to take that first step and ask, and the Lord provides new friends and new hope!
Have you found strength and encouragement from getting together with other widows? I'd love to hear from you today! Click the comment line or email me at


  1. yes! I have a group that meets monthly for dinner. It has been such a blessing.

  2. That's awesome, Catherine! I've loved my own such groups in the past and look forward to finding some more soon. We should collect photos of everyone. :)

  3. Ferree:

    Absolutely enjoyed our time together getting to meet everyone. I hope we can do it again.

    I wrote this post awhile ago and it kind of fits into this theme.

    Much love to you and hope to see you again!!!

  4. I'm so glad you mentioned your blog, Beth. I'd encourage everyone to visit it. The deep and often instantaneous fellowship experienced by widows---you nailed it!


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