Saturday, October 13, 2012

Music: With Hope - Steven Curtis Chapman

My daughter Brooke sang this at her dad's funeral, so this song is very precious to our family.

I remember days of gasping for hope like a drowning person gasps for air. Those were the days this song shored me up -- we can cry with hope that our good-byes are not the end. Rest in hope this weekend, my friend. God is with you.

Which songs and hymns have become precious to you through this season of grief in your life? Please mention them in the comment line. Everyone loves to read the comments. Thank you so much,


  1. So many Christian songs have ministered to me since my husband's death. "The Hurt and the Healer" by MercyMe has been one of my favorites.

    Blogs like yours have been a tremendous blessing, too! Thank you!

    Janet C.

  2. My husband sang "No More Night" in a cantata back before our youngest son was born, and for many funerals since; that son, John, sang it for his Dad's funeral.
    John also sang "Safely Home" (Steve Green) for my mother's funeral (exactly 2 years before Dan's), which is another beautiful song. I have also been comforted by Steve Green's song "In Brokenness You Shine"

  3. Well, if this didn't destroy my eye makeup, nothing would. I've been widowed now for over a year. Yes, we wait with hope. I think our beloved is in such a grand and awesome Godly place that is painful to us still waiting on earth in hope because we cannot share this exuberance with them! At my husbands graveside burial I did not plan music. A young guitarist from my church and his talented-singer Dad stood up on an arising hill above the grave and unexpectedly sang "Amazing Grace". I felt enveloped with angel wings and heavenly song. "Amazing Grace" will forever touch a different place in my heart. My sweet departed is there with this loving God that today envelopes me in that same Godly love that only HE can provide. I wait in hope. I know we one day reunite....not the same way we had...but better.

  4. Better, anonymous, yes! Definitely better!


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