Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Helping Kids Through Grief

 Here's a good article from Focus on the Family about what we can do to help different age groups of children deal with grief.

It's organized by age-group, so it's very easy to read. Intended to address a variety of lost relationships from relative to friend to parent, it could provide some keys and clues as to what your own children need.

A year or so after my first husband died, my teenage son became a photographer. I was amazed that the article mentions what a good tool a camera can be for teens to use in dealing with their grief. I wish I had known that at the time!

Poke around the rest of the webpage and you'll uncover a series of articles on grief, resources like books for kids, and help with many other parenting and family life issues.

A Widows Might ran a touching first-hand account between a mom and her son just a few days ago. Read it by clicking here: Mom I had Another Dream about Dad.

I praise the Lord for these great resources!

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