Friday, October 5, 2012

"Fall" for Fun on Fridays this Month And Enter a *Drawing*

Contrary to the opinion that you should never, ever smile or have fun again when widowed, I'd like to sneak behind the "grief police" this month and try a little something.

Dianne and Scarecrow
See my new friend Dianne here? I had the privilege to meet her in Wisconsin about two weeks ago! She's been following this blog and we friended each other on Facebook, too. When she found out I'd be travelling near her she offered to meet me at "Apple Hollar." We had a delightful lunch---and how could we not?---she's a delightful person and is open and ready for this next chapter of life after death. I think she must light up every place she visits!

For Friday Funnies this month lets collect pumpkins and autumn pictures like the one of Dianne and Scarecrow.

The choice is yours--choose #1, #2, or both!
  1. Email or Facebook a favorite fall fun picture to me so I can post it here next Friday.
  2. Or, fill in the blank: pumpkin ________  Write it in as a comment below.
How easy it that? You don't even have to write a sentence. Leave two words, like pumpkin bread or pumpkin head. Get it? (I'm trying hard not to give away too many pumpkin ideas). Once you start to think of all the pumpkin stuff I think you'll be surprised!  If someone already mentioned your words, add one more word, like "yummy" pumpkin bread or pumpkin head "hair"---get as silly as you want!

***Speaking of pumpkin bread--- every comment or photo you send will put you in a drawing for a pumpkin surprise from me! And you can enter more than once---send scads of comments or photos. Each one is an entry! (make sure I can contact you if I draw your name).***

I'll draw the winner on Friday Oct. 26 and announce it that very day. So ladies, start your pumpkins and your pictures. Let's roll! (Get it? pumpkin roll?) Click that comment line below, or click that camera and email your pictures to

Ferree and Dianne
Next week I'll show pictures of a few others I met on my trip. After that we'll have some of their stories. You'll love them! Can't wait! Until then, I hope to hear from you soon.
first picture! Creamy Pumpkin Pudding sent in by Jan D.



  1. Pumpkin Pie Spice Coffee Creamer.

    Sorry, but it's my favorite. Every time someone mentions pumpkin, I think of it. :-)


  2. ewww, i'm drooling! My mouth is watering! (how embarrassing!)

  3. Creamy Pumpkin Pudding! (I tagged you in my picture on Facebook for this, too!)

  4. All right you crazy ladies. This is Dianne's oldest son here (JJ). I've got my eye on all of you so don't think you're going to get away with anything.


  5. Hilarious, JJ! You must be the one she was telling me about . . .

  6. C. Ownbey said

    pumpkin butter (like apple butter)

  7. Pumpkin Seeds! Or as my family would say "punkin seed"!

  8. Rita said . . .
    Pumpkin spice latte… it’s like warm pumpkin pie with whipped cream thrown in a blender

  9. Pumpkin Patch Adam's Family Reunion! (I just can't quit)

  10. You're cracking me up, Lori. Just wait until you see tomorrow's pumpkins!


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