Monday, October 29, 2012

Facing Hurricanes In Grief -- Tuesday Updates

No, I'm not talking about grief and how it's like an emotional hurricane, although that's true at times. Unfortunately I'm talking about facing Hurricane Sandy when you're a widow! Tuesday updates appear below in red. Please keep praying for everyone caught in this monstrous storm.

Satellite view of Sandy on Sunday
Please pray for these ladies as they try to tie down their belongings and batten down their homes. Family and churches are helping some---as they can---but they have their own properties to protect too. So for many of these ladies---and certainly they are a very small representation of a much larger number of widows and women living alone---trying to prepare for this storm is truly overwhelming!

Please pray for the following, and add anyone else you know to the comments.
Lauren---her flight was cancelled so she's stranded with friends in a safe place, but requests prayer for her parents, grandparents and friends on Long Island, NYC, and north of the city. Her grandfather was admitted to hospital yesterday morning with pnuemonia
Miriam A---
Doris J---
Amy G---was affected by Hurricane Irene last year and the neighborhood had just started to recover
Marcia T---is concerned about large trees on her property
Kelly B---has been told to prepare herself and her children to be without electricity for many days, possibly weeks
Lynne V---her ceiling is holding up with only moderate leaking. A neighbor's tree fell into her year but didn't hit anything, and last night she still had power
Andrea O---please pray for her sister who's leg was broken in two places by a falling tree. Surgery this morning
Beth M---facing direct hit and flooding with four children
Halima---concerned for her cousin and cousin's husband who are both doctors on Long Island and must remain at hospital

Dear Lord, I pray that you will speak, "Peace, be still," not only to the winds and seas, but also to anxious hearts. Protect these women and others like them, and may we praise you in this storm. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for being so concerned and caring as our sisters are facing this huge storm! I am praying with you!


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