Monday, September 3, 2012

Planning Ahead

One of the best things a widow can do to help alleviate the grief is to give herself something to look forward to. It doesn't have to be extravagant like a big vacation. Somedays just a trip to the library is enough, or coffee with a friend, a walk or little bike ride.

Or maybe some widows would like to meet me for a cup of coffee sometime in September? I'll be travelling from South Carolina to Ohio. From Dayton, Ohio to the opposite corner of Ohio--Ashtabula, and many points in between.

Then I'll head to Michigan to visit my sister. She's halfway between Grand Rapids and Holland, MI. After that I'll go to Chicago, and then to my parents in Appleton, Wisconsin! I'm already arranging to meet several women who read this blog, and if you're along the way . . . well, with all that driving I'm going to need plenty of coffee!
After Wisconsin I'm back to Chicago, back to Dayton, back to South Carolina. Please email me for more specific dates if you are close enough to any of my destination points. I'll put them in a list here so they're easier to see:
  • South Carolina to Dayton, Ohio
  • Dayton, Ohio to Ashtabula, Ohio
  • Ashtabula, Ohio to Zeeland, Michigan
  • Michigan to Chicago, Illinois
  • Chicago to Appleton, Wisconsin
  • back to Chicago
  • back to Dayton
  • back to South Carolina
whew! I must be crazy! Nah. I'm breaking it up into lots of little trips, and I get to see lots of family and friends!

I'll be carting my new book along with me, Lord willing, fresh from the printer! I'd be happy to deliver your book in person and save you the shipping costs! Click here for preliminary info and to find out what other widows have been saying about the early copies they read.

I hope to have PayPal set up too, but if you'd like to order it directly from me, please email me at

Please pray for travelling mercies for me, and that the Lord will use my little book to strengthen and encourage everyone who reads it.


  1. Have a safe and prosperous trip. I wish I could meet up with you, but I am working in CO until Oct 26th.

  2. Thank you Teri, I hope our paths cross one of these days.


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