Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Winners!

Karla & Judy & Elmer Cat helped
18 Books - - - 18 Winners!
Winners should have heard from me by now by email, facebook or your blog---Congratulations!
If you haven't done so already, please please please email me at
Let me know your top 3 book choices (off this list,) and as long as everyone doesn't pick the same three, I think I'll be able to see to it that you get one of them, OK?
Here I am reaching into the jar for the first name!
Yay, Carol Harris!
Here are the winners and the book they'll receive. If a book isn't listed by your name, that's because I've not yet heard from you! Please connect with me asap so I can get these books mailed to everyone. thanks! This has been fun! Many thanks to Moody Publishers and Miriam Neff for extra copies of Where Do I Go From Here? and From One Widow to Another.
  1. Carol Harris --To Fly Again 
  2. Linda Lint --Where Do I Go From Here?
  3. Regina V.--Postcards from the Widows' Path
  4. Marky --Where Do I Go From Here?
  5. Michelle Merimee --From One Single Mom to Another
  6. Colleen of "Through the Valley" blog --Will I Ever Be Whole Again?
  7. Cindy Cain --Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There
  8. Priscilla Schubert --A Treasured Faith
  9. Halima --A Tempered Faith
  10. Myra Purvis --Outrageous Grace
  11. Athena in Savannah --Grace for the Raging Storm
  12. Rebecca Morrison --Then Sings My Soul
  13. Phyllis Vavold --surprise her :)
  14. Linda Ortega --Grieving: Your Path Back to Peace
  15. Dianne Gavin --Billy Graham In Quotes
  16. Mandy on "That's Life" blog --Where Do I Go From Here?
  17. Gail Reno
  18. Jeanie --Moving Forward On Your Own
Runners up---I haven't contacted the following people yet, but I will if I don't hear back from our winners in a timely fashion or if I have any books left over:

Marisol Garza
Martha Cole
Michele Kearns
Ginny True
Rachel Andrisevic
Wow, I wish I could send something to everyone who entered! It sure was a blessing to read your comments. I hope you've gotten a lot out of the books made available this past month. And please, do tell about your favorites---which books have helped you most of all on this widows' road?



  1. I WON, I WON, I WON, See? We do have hope for our "new" future! It's always nice to get some fun news to help us smile and replace a few sad tears. I do not believe in luck or coincidence. Even these tiny (actually, big) joys are also God's gift to us. I thank you, Ferree, but I give HIM the praise. :). (ReginaV)

  2. Hi Feree,
    you are a wonderful person.I am humbled by how out of your ashes you were able to create a chain of giving. Through your book draw competition many of us, though we did not win a book, were able to learn and draw life lessons from the comments that were made by other widows. May God continue to give you divine ideas

  3. Yes, Gertrude and Regina, God has given so many blessings and helps during this time of grief. His mercies are new every morning. I'm so glad that seeing all these books together shows that He is with us and He has put many people together with a passion to reach out and help widows. It's been a privilege to do this.


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