Monday, July 2, 2012

Power's Out!

Power Outage ---- While that sounds like a good metaphor for the way grief knocks us into a different way of life, I need to simply announce that some high winds blew through our neighborhood last night and brought a tree smack down on our power line. The whole neighborhood it out! The newspaper said that 66,000 other people were without power, too, so I'm thinking my little street will be one of the last to be serviced.

Right now I'm writing to you from the public library, so I'm not able to pick up my intended topic. Please bear with me. I'll be back online as soon as possible, but it may be another day or two.

In the meantime, take care and stay cool with this weather. Here in South Carolina the high today is set for 101 degrees Farenheit. Food in my freezer is melting, so I'm heading off to take it over to the only other woman I know here in my new community---she "just happened" to be coming out of the library as I walked in! (Some call that a coincidence; I call it God's timing!) She has electricity and room in her freezer. I wasn't even able to call her today because I don't have cell phone coverage in my new house! God's taking care of this for me, though, and I hope you're seeing Him do the same for you.

Until next time, you'll be in my prayers,

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