Monday, July 9, 2012

Can You Still Trust God?

Can you still trust God?

It's an honest struggle for many widows at times. Some are so heartbroken, wounded, and reeling from feeling so betrayed by God that fear has crunched them back into a corner. They don't dare venture out of their shell--it already hurts too much, they can't take a lick more. They know God's all powerful, yet this pain is what's happened, and it feels unbearable! How can they trust God ever again?

Other's are bitterly angry with God. Their prayers for healing were not answered. God let them down. He destroyed their life. They cry out at the unfairness, and every happy couple, every holiday becomes a stinging reminder of how they've been cheated.

I know what its like to feel crushed with both fear and disappointment with God, and to be overwhelmed by the death of a spouse, by finances (or lack of finances!), by unemployment, runaway kids, and circumstances out of our control. Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already ThereSo what's a woman to do? Is it possible to trust God when you feel so betrayed, cheated or simply overwhelmed by your circumstances? The good news is a resounding yes! So the first book I want to feature in the Free Book Give-Away this month addresses all of that. Based on many of her own experiences, Ruth Graham (daughter of Billie & Ruth Graham) writes with sheer honesty about her struggles with trusting God through the death of her marriage by divorce. She could not "feel" God's presence as she expected, yet she learned to develop a deep and abiding trust. Comment today for a chance to have this book be your companion during this uncertain chapter of life.
Many thanks to my friend, Sarah, at Hope Notes for Hurting Folks, for recommending this book to me! Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There--Trusting Him In Uncertain Times, copyright 2009. ferree


  1. John 16:33 "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in Me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."
    He never promised us an exemption from trouble; He promised to be with us THROUGH trouble. Even when I can't FEEL Him, faith clings to His hand as He leads me on.

  2. Whether or not I could still trust God was a question that bothered me. We had trusted Him,believed Him,lived for Him and served Him but He seemed to have let us down. So much of what you said describes how I have felt. What could I do that I had not done before to guarantee I won't suffer another tragedy? or 'let down'.everyone seemed happy and married except me and I didn't want to be referred to as a widow. I have however realized there is no one else I can trust like God so difficult as it may be,I know He is working out all things for good Romans 8:28

    I am holding on and experiencing His grace, faithfulness and love!

  3. Yes, dear Anonymous, yes! This is when faith is faith. When you have nothing to hang on to besides the fact that God. Nothing more. I purposely ended the sentence. Keep holding on, God is, and He is good.


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