Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lifeboat Support Groups

WCP readers love their Lifeboat widows support group on Facebook.
Lifeboat is a safe place to ask questions, share prayer requests, find out if you're "normal," find out that you're not alone, and receive encouragement and hope from other women who are in the same boat.
Christ is the captain of Lifeboat, experienced, godly widows are the crew, and we steer towards better, not bitter through the rough waves of grief.
Would you like to climb aboard? I pick up survivors all week long, and they board the boat on Tuesday or Friday evenings.
Here are the 2 things you need to do:
  1. from your Facebook account, send me--Ferree Hardy--a friend request. 
  2. you MUST also send me a message containing the word LIFEBOAT.
That's all! After I add your name , you'll see Lifeboat listed under GROUPS on your Facebook account and you may click your way aboard anytime. Opting out is simple, too, if you find it's not for you.
Lifeboat groups are what Facebook calls 'secret,' so they will not show up in a search, and conversations are only among members. It's free. And, sorry guys, but it's for widows only.
If you have any questions please message me on Facebook, or email me at

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