Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day, Every Day

Every day is memorial day for a widow. Perhaps this national remembrance is meant to tell you that our entire nation feels your grief in one way or another. It's just that big.

But our good Lord is bigger and you are not alone.
So today, when you hear a soldier playing Taps, remember the last line, "God is nigh." Say a prayer to thank God for His presence and the freedom we have to acknowledge it. And then, thank a soldier or veteran. Thank him not only for his own efforts, but because he's a representative of the ones that you can't see who are in Arlington and countless other graves all over the world.

I send a sincere "thank you" to soldier wives and widows all over our country. I'm sure I can speak for everyone reading this and say, "our hearts are with you."

Blessings on you and prayers for the world today,

Army Bugler Playing Taps
in Front of Headstones at Arlington National Cemetery.
Stock Photograph by Department of Defense Public Domain

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