Saturday, April 7, 2012

Natalie Grant-Held-lyrics video

This holy weekend is so full of promises----Christ's resurrection brings hope of victory over death, the
gift of eternal life, and the precious presence of the Holy Spirit in life today---but people who "get it" understand the deep pain from which these promises were born.
I think that's why this song has impressed me---it, too, was born from deep pain. It has no pat answers, no cliches . . . nor is it full of the glorious words you'll hear in church for Easter. But I think it rings the Easter message quite clearly---when the sacred is torn from our lives we are. simply. held. Think of Mary at the cross while her Savior Son was crucified. How could she be there? How could she not?
Whether we can grasp that or not, God is with us, too. His plan prevails. This day of silence between the pain of Good Friday and the joy of Easter morning can represent a grieving person's time of mourning. It might last for weeks, months, or a few years for some, but in each case as she makes the daily choice between bitterness and wisdom, she is held.
Think on these things, rest in God's presence, and have a blessed Easter, everyone.


  1. Beautiful post, Ferree.

    Have a blessed Resurrection Day,
    Susan :)

  2. thank you Susan, I hope you had a meaningful and good time of experiencing God today, too.


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