Thursday, March 29, 2012

Widow Connection

On Thursdays I feature organizations, books, or ministry websites for widows. Have you seen my collection of Christain Websites for Widows at the top of this blog? I hope that as we go along this page will become one of the most valuable pages here! I've collected little known, but faithful and essential, ministries to widows all over the country! If you have benefitted from such a help, and I don't have it listed, please let me know right away so I can get it up there!

Here is a website page I recently forwarded to a woman looking for advice on how to start a widows ministry in her church: 

The founder of Widow Connection, Miriam Neff, has become an important woman in my life. I appreciate her dedication and faithful service to widows, her personal feedback on a book for widows that I'm writing, and her own helpful and practical book for widows, From One Widow To Another.
Thank you, Miriam, for letting God shine through you! May we all do the same!


  1. Miriam's book was the first book given to me by another widow and I must say it prepared me for what I was going to go through the next few months and even my first year. Very, very helpful. We all really experience the same issues, just at different times and different ways. I prefer books that point me closer to God and Miriam's book does just that. I was very grateful to have it as a reference.

  2. Miriam's book really gives widows a good look at what they might expect, advice on how to deal with it, and the good news that God is there to help! I'm so glad you had a friend who gave you such a great gift, and thank you for telling what a help it was, Jessicajoy.


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