Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Single Living Skill: de-cluttering

Whether you're spring cleaning, or going through your husband's belongings, or getting ready for a garage sale, or simply de-junking, the Internet if full of handy how-to's.

While many websites provide descriptive articles, the link below puts it into a simple list which is a quicker and easier way to absorb where you start and what you do when faced with a mind-boggling pile of stuff.

Go directly to this page, put your gym shoes on, set your timer, and GO!

One of my favorite ideas they share are to use a timer. Set it for 15 minutes and only tackle a little bit every day rather than try to clean out an entire room all at once. Grief can be exhausting, and sometimes we don't realize what a drain it is. So, although these decluttering instruction aren't written directly for widows, I think they apply far better than advice I've seen on other sites. Brilliant! And before you know it, your room will be brilliant, too!

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  1. Hi Ferree,
    We are on the same wave! I may have to link to yours because I'm ready to blog about letting go and cleaning out!! This is a helpful resource:) Thanks!


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