Friday, March 2, 2012

Gentle Reminders

The picture below was just too perfect for this series on dating and remarriage! Even though it was up last Friday, I've got to run it again. Thanks, Leslie!

Another great thought came from a comment by Industrious Debbie. She wrote in, "I'll never forget what my Mother said after she was widowed and people started asking her the "will you ever remarry?" question. She said she was not going to go around "looking" for a man, rather she would say, "God knows my address and in His good time."

Thanks for sticking with me on this difficult topic. If it's not something you're ready to even think about yet, I hope I've conveyed the perfect normalcy and blessedness of that state. And if it's something you've decided totally against, I'd certainly never encourage you otherwise. But for those who struggle with this topic, I hope I've provided questions to consider, wise counsel, some good resources and biblical guidance. You might not be able to use it today, but if you ever need it in the future it's only a click away: Click Dating/Remarriage in the cloud of labels in the sidebar. 

Come back tomorrow for "A Prayer For Widows Who Want to Remarry."


  1. I like the idea that God knows my address and I believe He also knows when or if to send the right man this way.

  2. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you invested in sharing your inspired opinion, your experience and for all the resources you provided for us on this important subject. All of this information will be so helpful when and/or if any of us are ready to consider these ideas for our futures. Thanks again, Ferree! We all appreciate you, your posts and your encouragement for us. It is a wonderful gift you give to us everyday! God bless you for that!

  3. I really liked how you covered everything on this topic and weren't afraid to cover even the touchiest subject. Thank you, Ferree!

  4. You are all very welcome, and I can only do this because of what the Lord has done for me. He got me through the grief! And now He continually urges and enables me to coma alongside widows and let them know He knows; He is there; He does understand (even though at times He seems so cold and distant). There IS life after death for the widow, and it will eventually dawn and grow brighter and brighter as she seeks God step by step. <3


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