Thursday, March 15, 2012

Are You In A GriefShare Group?

row 1: Ferree, Pattie, LaVonda, Eva, Ginny
row 2: Chris, Kelli, Joyce
Last fall I facilitated a GriefShare group at my church, and although the 12-week session is over, we continue to get together once a month to catch up on what's happening in our lives, how everyone is doing, and share some delicious supper together! GriefShare is for everyone who's lost a loved one to death, not only widows, and not only women! It just happened that mostly women attended this time.
If you're not familiar with GriefShare, feel free to visit their website. Find out if there's a group near you by entering your zip code in the search box. You can also sign up for a year of free devotionals by e-mail. Either way, you'll find some caring help for getting through this.


  1. I am not currently in a GriefShare group, but I participated in one last year. There were a combination of widows and also parents who had lost children. I fit in both groups. I found GriefShare to be particularly encouraging and helpful. I have also participated in Compassionate Friends, and although both groups were helpful, Compassionate Friends does not lend the Christian perspective. Of course, many of the participants are Christians, but grieving for Christians is very different, as it should be, than grieving for non-Christians. I would recommend GriefShare--definitely God's work.

  2. I attended Griefshare with a couple who lost their adult son. We are also still friends. I've been invited to the wedding shower of our leader, also a widow.
    I attended the program early in my grief, about 2 1/2 months after my husband suddenly died. That might be too early for many widows, but I was barely hanging in there and needed the support. My doctor recommended the program to me. He and his wife attended the sessions about three years after their son committed suicide. So, the program is good for anyone at any time for any loss.
    Look for a good leader who addresses all age groups and sticks to the materials provided. As a bonus, our leader knew Bible scripture very well. This is not for individual counseling of one person's more specific or deeper issues. (I also sought out a Christian counselor about 5 times during these last 20 months).


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